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Jan 6, 2013 6:00am PST
remnant of israel isolated in a a remnant of israel isolated in a distant land. you've managed to survive the holocaust, survive communism and now most of your $20 monthly pension must pay for medicine with only a few dollars left for food or electricity or heat or clothes. you're old and you're alone, you're left with nothing but painful memories and you wonder, does anyone care? (speaking russian) i wish god would be merciful and take me because it is better to die take me because it is better to die than to live like this. shalom. i'm rabbi yechiel eckstein of the international fellowship of christians and jews. i'm standing here in the ukraine in the former soviet union in an area called a shtetl. an old jewish village. i'd like to show what happened to the jewish community in the past but even more importantly i would like to show you what the jewish community is like today in the former soviet union. i think you will be surprised. announcer: a 100 years ago russia was the center of the jewish world with 5 to 6 million jews living there. although russia's largest ethnic group, most l
Jan 20, 2013 9:00am EST
. ♪ ( singing in hebrew ) (applause) >> i grew up on a kibbutz in the north of israel nearby the jordan river and the jordanian border. the kibbutz is a very special place dedicated to mutual aid and social justice. the are no rich or poor people in a kibbutz and everyone has the same status. the values of the kibbutz have shaped my personality and made me devoted to use the gift that god gave me to promote tolerance and love. i hope that my voice will reach people all over the world and will open their hearts. ♪ i wish that this world was one world ♪ i wish that love ruled on this earth ♪ that everyone would try try to take some time to show kindness ♪ that every life would be a life that knows no loneliness ♪ this is my wish and i wish that ♪ there would be no wars and i wish that ♪ no one had to hurt no more and i wish that everyone could ♪ see only love is worth fighting for ♪ and i wish that all of us could live ♪ in a world where all of us could forgive ♪ and i know it's just a dream but i wish this could be ♪ i wish that no tears would be cried ♪ i pray that p
Jan 27, 2013 9:00am EST
organisms. >> reporter: infectious disease specialist dr. robert muller at harvard's beth israel deaconess medical center has devoted more than 40 years to studying them. why do you love these bugs so much? >> they're among the most interesting things that we can study. >> reporter: what he finds interesting many people find terrifying. that's because super bugs are extraordinarily resilient bacteria. they tend to infect hospital patients and even kill those who are extremely ill. the most recent study on health care associated infections in u.s. hospitals found that out of about 1.7 million infections, nearly 99,000 patients die. according to one of the study's authors, the vast majority of the deaths were due to super bugs. are some super bugs resistant to all the antibiotics that we have at our disposal? >> a few of them are literally resistant to everything. fortunately these are the exceptions rather than the rule. but the fact that we have any of these at all is cause for alarm because the only thing we can say is we're to see more of these as time goes on. >> reporter: sup
Jan 20, 2013 6:00am PST
inaugural address in a public ceremony on the steps of the capitol. tuesday is election day in israel. all 120 seats in the nation's parliament on the line. on wednesday secretary of state hillary clinton goes to capitol hill to testify on the attack in benghazi libya that killed ambassador chris stevens and three other americans. on thursday, the senate foreign relations committee considers the nomination of senator john kerry to succeed secretary clinton. friday is the day secretary of the treasury timothy geithner steps down. and on saturday, the phantom of the opera mark its 25th anniversary on broadway with a gala performance. tomorrow's ceremonial presidential inauguration falls on a most auspicious day in the view of our contributor taf it smiley. >> reporter: barack hussein obama will be sworn in as president at the inauguration ceremony tomorrow for a second term on the holiday honoring the person i have long regarded as the greatest american this nation has ever produced. obama will be in the foreground but martin luther king jr. is the back drop >> i have a dream that one d
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)